Drowning out a voice, drowning out a light, drowning out and idea, drowning out a mind, drowning out a life. Is one of them greater? When death occurs, it is either the revival or the let be rest that now becomes significant.

Tolerance is the definition to the desensitizing that makes “let be rest” acceptable. Consequently, it is the same desensitization in which dulls revival away from a common celebration.

Birds and Stones

Is there reason to try and kill two birds with one stone? Stones are freely available. Is it for brag of skill? Or an emphasis on luck? Perhaps efficiency is the focus here. Either way, the fact that stones are not a precious resource, the amount of stones you use to get the job done is negligible.


It’s interesting how many humans believe so blindly in the influence that completely detached items have in relation to each other. Such things as jinxing. Why is that? Is there a connection we cannot sense, or is it just false belief?