The color that the eye bleeds is yours.

The palette that the color makes is ours.

The portrait that the palette paints is of me.

The frame that the portrait places is here.

The  foundation that the frame afflicts is now.

The piece that the foundation is belongs.

To take nursing classes

Put peroxide in my hair to make it blond, almost unnaturally colored blond. I will wear plain-blue scrubs and have white tennis shoes. I will be very quite and contribute the least amount as possible in the classroom setting. I will drive a black car and live in an apartment with beige walls.

I will work-out at the gym by lifting weights and live in the city. A bicycle will be my vehicle of choice in the summer. I will be single, and stand 5’9″.

To travel to Europe in a gray suit

And walk down the street like I mean business… all the while having a minnesotan accent and wearing cowboy boots. Possibly with gel in my hair, causing it to spike a little bit.

I am not sure about sunglasses though. If I do, they will either be all black, or mirror, or a transition from black to mirror. Wire frame of course, and not quite aviator style, but big enough.

By Europe, I am thinking the UK… but I am leaving the door open for any possibility here.